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THE MEMORY OF TREES          21k  
THE POWER                    16k  
THEMODEL                     36k  
THINK TW                     19k  
Take me back                 33k  
Take on me                   41k  
Tears In Heaven              51k  
Technotronic # Move ..       86k  
Thank you                    24k  
That Was Yesterday           29k  
That's What Friends          51k  
The_One                      51k  
The_Real_Slim_Shady          27k  
The_Wall-1                   87k  
The_Way_I_Am                 22k  
There must be an ang..       54k  
Three_Times_a_Lady_2..       27k  
Time_After_Time              18k  
Toto # africa                96k  
True_Colors_2                16k  
Tush2                        56k  
Twist and shout              32k  
TwoPrinces                   43k  
U2 # A Celebratoin           22k  
U2 # Angel Of Harlem..       63k  
U2 # Bad                     20k  
U2 # Desire                  69k  
U2 # Dirty Day               50k  
U2 # Discotèque.mid          77k  
U2 # Do You Feel Lov..>      54k  
U2 # Hold Me Thrill ..>      69k  
U2 # I Still Haven't..>      56k  
U2 # If God Will Sen..>      48k  
U2 # Lemon.mid              102k  
U2 # Mysterious Ways..>      70k  
U2 # New Years Day.mid       90k  
U2 # One (1).mid             67k  
U2 # Pride.mid               90k  
U2 # Running To Stan..>      15k  
U2 # Satellite Of Lo..>      44k  
U2 # Stay.mid                55k  
U2 # Sunday Bloody S..>      57k  
U2 # The Electric Co..>      17k  
U2 # Theme From Miss..>      38k  
U2 # Unforgettable F..>      51k  
U2 # Wake Up Dead Ma..>      27k  
U2 # Where The Stree..>     105k  
U2 # With Or Without..>      66k  
UB40 # Here I Am (2)..>      19k  
UB40 # Higher Ground..>      59k  
UB40 # I Can't Help ..>      36k  
UB40 # Red Red Wine ..>      32k  
UNDERPRS.MID                 53k  
Under_The_Influence.mid      21k  
Unpretty-TLC.mid             66k  
Uptight.mid                  48k  
Van Halen # Jump (1)..>      57k  
Van Halen # Jump (3)..>      67k  
Van Halen # Right No..>      61k  
Vibology.mid                 85k  
Voulez Vouz.mid              46k  
WATERMAR.MID                 29k  
WEDDING.MID                  16k  
WHOMP.MID                    37k  
WISHUGS.MID                  20k  
Waiting For A Girl L..>      32k  
Walking Contradictio..>      48k  
War World.mid                69k  
Wayhome.mid                  16k  
We are the Robots.mid        88k  
Weezer # Buddy Holly..>      36k  
Weezer # Only In Dre..>      97k  
Weezer # Say It Ain'..>      28k  
Weezer # Sweater.mid         44k  
Weird Al Yankovic # ..>      30k  
What Time Is Love.mid        59k  
What_A_Girl_Wants.mid        54k  
Where_You_Are.mid            29k  
WhiteWedding.mid             45k  
Whitney Houston # Al..>      28k  
Whitney Houston # Di..>      29k  
Whitney Houston # Gr..>      25k  
Whitney Houston # I ..>      32k  
Whitney Houston # I ..>      74k  
Whitney Houston # I ..>      73k  
Whitney Houston # I ..>      27k  
Whitney Houston # I'..>      46k  
Whitney Houston # I'..>      71k  
Whitney Houston # On..>      26k  
Whitney Houston # Sa..>      39k  
Whitney Houston # So..>      49k  
Whitney Houston # So..>      50k  
Whitney Houston # Th..>      30k  
Who's that girl.MID          31k  
Wickedga.mid                 32k  
Wonderfull Life .mid         33k  
WrappedAroundYourFin..>      60k  
Yellow River.mid             37k  
Yesterday.mid                27k  
You Are The Sunshine..>      19k  
You're Always On My ..>      58k  
You_Drive_Me_Crazy.mid       50k  
ZZ Top # Gimme All Y..>      72k  
ZZ Top # Got Me Unde..>      33k  
ZZ Top # La Grange.mid       34k  
ZZ Top # Legs.mid            48k  
ZZ Top # Sharp Dress..>      22k  
ZZ Top # Sleeping Ba..>      39k  
takeAookaround-LimpB..>      61k  
take_me_with_u.mid           46k  
takeonme-A-Ha.mid            25k  
takeonme-extended.mid        72k  
takeyahome_lilbowwow..>      21k  
tbp.mid                      47k  
tearinupmyheart-N_sy..>      45k  
thatsthewayitis-CDio..>      48k  
the_beautiful_ones.mid       72k  
the_corrs_-_radio.mid        59k  
the_crystal_ship.mid         20k  
the_end.mid                  23k  
the_hanging_garden.mid       30k  
the_holy_hour.mid            18k  
the_same_deep_water_..>      42k  
thebodyelectric.mid          21k  
thecameraeye1.mid            35k  
therebel.mid                 43k  
thesunalwaysshineson..>      83k  
thevengaboysboomboom..>      76k  
theweapon.mid                24k  
thiswomanswork_maxwe..>      18k  
thongsong-Sisqo.mid          55k  
thriller.mid                 90k  
thriller2.mid                91k  
time_and_motion.mid          49k  
tonight's_the_night.mid      32k  
tooclose_blue_noelni..>      31k  
tooclose_next_buzz.mid       19k  
torn-NatalieImbrugli..>      82k  
touch_me.mid                 33k  
trainofthought.mid           83k  
truly.mid                    23k  
trulymadlydeeply.mid         28k  
trust_excellent.mid          30k  
tss.mid                      48k  
tubthumping(chumbawa..>      62k  
turnthetide_silvet_s..>      42k  
twenty_one.mid               32k  
twentyon.mid                 32k  
ugotitbad_soulpowerm..>      29k  
ugotitbad_usher_absd..>      33k  
uncertai.mid                 77k  
underthebridge-AllSa..>      46k  
vanfin.mid                   15k  
vital_signs.mid              25k  
walking_in_your_foot..>      19k  
waltzing.mid                 57k  
wannabe.mid                 100k  
wanted.mid                   29k  
warchild.mid                 47k  
wayfeel.mid                  79k  
we_are_the_champions..>      20k  
we_world.mid                 79k  
wearethe.mid                 58k  
wethuggin_fatjoeftrk..>      20k  
whats_up.mid                 29k  
whatsluv_fatjoefasha..>      33k  
whatsup.mid                  56k  
when_a_blindman_crie..>      22k  
when_you.mid                 77k  
when_you_were_fine.mid       31k  
wheneverwherever_sha..>      55k  
who_wants_to_live_fo..>      21k  
whoa_blackrob_buzz.mid       24k  
whritsat.mid                109k  
witchHunt.mid                16k  
woman_in_chains.mid          52k  
yeat'sgr.mid                 61k  
youknowwhatsup_donne..>      22k  
youngn_fabolous_absd..>      16k  
youremindmeofsomethi..>      25k  
yyz.mid                      41k  
zombie.mid                   39k
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