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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
apollo_13.mid               16k  
armagedon.mid               22k  
braveheart.mid               3k  
cityofangels.mid            26k  
conair_how_do_i_live..>     26k  
congo.mid                   41k  
crow.mid                    31k  
footloose.mid               46k  
ghost.mid                    5k  
ghostbusters.mid            27k  
godzilla.mid                33k  
goodbadugly.mid             49k  
jamesbond.mid               37k  
jaws.mid                     9k  
jurassicpark.mid            14k  
karatekid.mid               48k  
labamba.mid                 29k  
loneranger.mid              27k  
lostworld.mid               28k  
men_in_black.mid            36k  
missionimpossible.mid       38k  
mohican2.mid                 4k  
mortalkombat.mid            35k  
neverending_story.mid       52k  
pinkpanther.mid             47k  
prettywoman.mid             32k  
raidersofthelostark.mid     52k  
robinhood.mid               37k  
rocky.mid                   65k  
sister_act_i_will_fo..>     24k  
somewhereintime.mid          6k  
stand_by_me.mid              9k  
starwars.mid                31k  
stayin_alive.mid            35k  
summerLove.mid              42k  
superman.mid                77k  
thatthingyoudo.mid          25k  
titanic.mid                  7k  
topgun.mid                  46k
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