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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
MONTEGOB.MID                 39k  
Medley Folk.mid              68k  
Melanie C -  I Turn ..>      44k  
Melanie C - Never Be..>      32k  
MenAtWork_DownUnder.mid      55k  
Message_in_a_bottle.mid      52k  
Metallica # Am I Evi..>      73k  
Metallica # Battery.mid      48k  
Metallica # Blackene..>      76k  
Metallica # Blitzkre..>      30k  
Metallica # Call Of ..>      65k  
Metallica # Creeping..>      82k  
Metallica # Enter Sa..>      46k  
Metallica # Escape.mid       42k  
Metallica # Fade To ..>      54k  
Metallica # For Whom..>      30k  
Metallica # Harveste..>      60k  
Metallica # Hero Of ..>      42k  
Metallica # Holier T..>      48k  
Metallica # Jump In ..>      70k  
Metallica # Lepper M..>      46k  
Metallica # Master O..>     106k  
Metallica # My Frien..>      54k  
Metallica # Nothing ..>      25k  
Metallica # Of Wolf ..>      37k  
Metallica # One.mid          71k  
Metallica # Orion.mid        77k  
Metallica # Sanatari..>      54k  
Metallica # Seek And..>      59k  
Metallica # The Four..>      81k  
Metallica # The Thin..>      34k  
Metallica # The Unfo..>      40k  
Metallica # Through ..>      48k  
Metallica # Wherever..>      52k  
Metallica # Whiplash..>      44k  
Metallica_-_Unforgiv..>      53k  
Miracle.mid                  73k  
MoneyForNothing.mid          58k  
Monserrat_Caballe_(B..>      34k  
MustangSally.mid             17k  
Mustang_Sally_(Unkno..>      43k  
MyCherieAmor.mid             50k  
Mya-movin_on.mid             27k  
NEW ORDER.mid                86k  
NEWYORK.MID                  40k  
NEWamerican_pie-Mado..>      83k  
NOTHING'.MID                 31k  
N_sa.mid                     19k  
Night in Shangai.mid         21k  
Nightswimming.mid            15k  
Nirvana # About A Gi..>      33k  
Nirvana # All Apolog..>      21k  
Nirvana # Blew.mid           35k  
Nirvana # Come As Yo..>      23k  
Nirvana # Heartbox.mid       37k  
Nirvana # In Bloom.mid       33k  
Nirvana # Lake Of Fi..>      18k  
Nirvana # Lithium.mid        19k  
Nirvana # Man Who So..>      29k  
Nirvana # Rape Me.mid        30k  
Nirvana # Smells Lik..>      68k  
Nirvana # Son Of A G..>      15k  
Nirvana # Verse Chor..>      58k  
Nirvana Teenspr (1).mid      58k  
No Doubt # Don't Spe..>      77k  
No Doubt # Just A Gi..>      46k  
NoScrubs-TLC.mid             35k  
Normally I Don't Usu..>      30k  
memorialbeach.mid            60k  
memyselfandi_scandal..>      24k  
men_in_black(willsmi..>      61k  
miami_willsmith_buzz..>      20k  
midimj_1.mid                 93k  
midimj_2.mid                 90k  
midimj_3.mid                 68k  
midimj_4.mid                 51k  
midimj_5.mid                 77k  
midimj_6.mid                 48k  
midimj_7.mid                 75k  
midimj_8.mid                 16k  
midtown.mid                  56k  
mike_oldfield_-_5mo.mid      21k  
mike_oldfield_-_amar..>      91k  
mike_oldfield_-_amro..>      92k  
mike_oldfield_-_asce..>      62k  
mike_oldfield_-_atla..>      54k  
mike_oldfield_-_cham..>      60k  
mike_oldfield_-_conf..>      52k  
mike_oldfield_-_conf..>      54k  
mike_oldfield_-_cris..>     155k  
mike_oldfield_-_cris..>     163k  
mike_oldfield_-_crys..>      42k  
mike_oldfield_-_erly..>      47k  
mike_oldfield_-_etud..>      18k  
mike_oldfield_-_fami..>      20k  
mike_oldfield_-_flow..>      29k  
mike_oldfield_-_fo.mid       19k  
mike_oldfield_-_get2..>      30k  
mike_oldfield_-_herg..>      20k  
mike_oldfield_-_heri..>      20k  
mike_oldfield_-_igot..>      22k  
mike_oldfield_-_inca..>     113k  
mike_oldfield_-_inca..>      15k  
mike_oldfield_-_inca..>     114k  
mike_oldfield_-_inca..>      20k  
mike_oldfield_-_into..>      24k  
mike_oldfield_-_jubi..>      19k  
mike_oldfield_-_lake..>      96k  
mike_oldfield_-_let_..>      51k  
mike_oldfield_-_ltbl..>      51k  
mike_oldfield_-_mage..>      60k  
mike_oldfield_-_moon..>      54k  
mike_oldfield_-_ocea..>      61k  
mike_oldfield_-_omda..>     139k  
mike_oldfield_-_omdw..>     140k  
mike_oldfield_-_omma..>      16k  
mike_oldfield_-_pete..>      20k  
mike_oldfield_-_plat..>      28k  
mike_oldfield_-_plat..>      63k  
mike_oldfield_-_pois..>      39k  
mike_oldfield_-_punk..>      61k  
mike_oldfield_-_qe2.mid      50k  
mike_oldfield_-_sall..>      24k  
mike_oldfield_-_sent..>      53k  
mike_oldfield_-_sheb..>      34k  
mike_oldfield_-_sheb..>      33k  
mike_oldfield_-_talk..>      28k  
mike_oldfield_-_taur..>      85k  
mike_oldfield_-_taur..>      82k  
mike_oldfield_-_taur..>     241k  
mike_oldfield_-_the_..>      95k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubg..>     155k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubu..>     150k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubu..>     193k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubu..>     292k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubu..>     123k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubu..>     195k  
mike_oldfield_-_tubu..>     315k  
mike_oldfield_-_wndc..>      34k  
mission.mid                  47k  
mj-htw.mid                   22k  
moneyaintathang_jdfj..>      34k  
monymony karaoke.mid         46k  
morethanawoman_aaliy..>      54k  
motown_song.mid              45k  
moveyourbody-.mid            40k  
mrvain.mid                  170k  
myheartstillbeats_de..>      23k  
n2getherNow-LimpBizk..>      21k  
naturalblues_moby_se..>      65k  
never_gonna_get_it(e..>      78k  
neveragain_jarule_kb..>      34k  
neverever_allsaints_..>      38k  
next_to_you.mid              19k  
norain.mid                   35k  
notsorry.mid                 61k  
nwm.mid                      45k
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