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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
 000Abracada - steve ..>      83k  
 000Everybody_Wants_T..>      31k  
 000OMD-Electricity.mid       26k  
 000OMD-EnolaGay.mid          61k  
 000True_Faith_2_(New..>      95k  
 000another_night- re..>      67k  
 000breathe-PRODIGY.mid       85k  
 000dngiveup - Kate B..>      22k  
 000dont_you_forget_a..>      69k  
 000sash-ecuador.mid          50k  
 000sash_Encore_une_f..>      49k  
 000themodel- kraftwe..>      36k  
 000wannabe-SPICE GIR..>      34k  
 00Brothers In Arms -..>      24k  
 00Candlein wind - el..>      48k  
 00Dontyouw - human l..>      66k  
 00First Cut is the D..>      63k  
 00Hotel California -..>     129k  
 00Stop!_(Erasure).mid        50k  
 00garbage-stupid_gir..>      65k  
 00relax-02 - frankie..>      52k  
 00tunloflv - dire st..>      74k  
 037_KLAR.MID                 28k  
 0Believe_2_(Cher).mid        53k  
 0Fool (If You Think ..>      43k  
 0d-insomnia- faithle..>      36k  
 0d-rideontime- black..>      94k  
 0evbdydnc - cc & mus..>      43k  
 0mmm-mmm-mmm - crash..>      30k  
 12_unlimited-get_rea..>      35k  
 12_unlimited-let_the..>      48k  
 12_unlimited-real_th..>      82k  
 12_unlimited-tribal_..>      75k  
 16CNDLES.MID                 16k  
 19-2000_soulchildrem..>      39k  
 1No limit (2 umlimit..>      53k  
 1aqua-doctor_jones.mid       66k  
 1big_in_japan-Alphav..>      26k  
 1i_dont_want to miss..>      39k  
 1twilzone-2 UNLIMITE..>      47k  
 1workahol-2 UNLIMITE..>      75k  
 2 Unlimited # Let Th..>      48k  
 2 Unlimited # No Lim..>      38k  
 2 Unlimited # Tribal..>      75k  
 2(Everything I Do) I..>      26k  
 20th_century_fox.mid         24k  
 285_CARI.MID                 76k  
 293_SANT.MID                 54k  
 2B-52s love_shack.mid       109k  
 2Blaze Of Glory - bo..>      70k  
 2BonnieTyler-TotalEc..>      42k  
 2Bruce Springsteen -..>      62k  
 2Dont_Marry_Her-(Bea..>      57k  
 2Eternal_Flame-(Bang..>      37k  
 2FATPLKA.MID                 17k  
 2UNLIMIT.MID                 55k  
 2_DRIVE.MID                  36k  
 2_unlimited-get_read..>      35k  
 2_unlimited-no_limit..>      38k  
 2_unlimited-real_thi..>      82k  
 2_unlimited-workahol..>      75k  
 2pac- california_lov..>      40k  
 2pac- changes.mid            42k  
 2pac- i_aint_mad_atc..>      15k  
 2pac- nothing_to_los..>     106k  
 2song_2 -blur.mid            30k  
 2whitewedding - bill..>      45k  
 3byes.mid                    27k  
 4 Non Blonds # What'..>      46k  
 558_TANZ.MID                 35k  
 668_AKIN.MID                 39k  
 669_AUFD.MID                 42k  
 673_DONA.MID                 64k  
 676_FLIE.MID                 38k  
 680_ROCK.MID                 80k  
 709_OBLA.MID                 34k  
 710_PIGA.MID                 42k  
 734_LUCI.MID                 48k  
 7THSON.MID                   28k  
 86.mid                       72k  
 A Little Respect.mid         76k  
 A THOUSA.MID                 55k  
 ALLIWANT.MID                 70k  
 ANGRYCHA.MID                 36k  
 ANY OTHE.MID                 40k  
 ANYWHERE.MID                 16k  
 ARREST~1.MID                 40k  
 Ace Of Base # All Th..>      30k  
 Ace Of Base # Don't ..>      66k  
 Ace Of Base # Lucky ..>      37k  
 Ace Of Base # The Si..>      40k  
 Ace Of Base # Wheel ..>      41k  
 Ace_of_baseatswants.mid      26k  
 Achy Breakmy hearth.mid      44k  
 Aerosmith # Crazy.mid        36k  
 Aerosmith # Walk Thi..>      38k  
 Aint_Nuthin_But_A_G_..>      28k  
 Alanis Morissette # ..>      37k  
 Alanis Morissette # ..>      42k  
 Alanis Morissette # ..>      20k  
 All my lover.mid             23k  
 All_I_Have_To_Give.mid       36k  
 Alphaville # Big Man..>      26k  
 Alphaville # Dance W..>      72k  
 Alphaville # Faith.mid       51k  
 Alphaville # Forever..>      95k  
 Alphaville # Victory..>      28k  
 Always.mid                   35k  
 Angel.mid                   127k  
 Animal.mid                   58k  
 Aqua # Barbie Girl (..>      90k  
 Aqua # My Oh My.mid          58k  
 Aqua # Roses Are Red..>      56k  
 Aqua_Barbie_Girl.mid         89k  
 As_Long_As_You_Love_..>      39k  
 BILLYBOY.MID                 45k  
 Baby_One_More_Time.mid       25k  
 Bad love.mid                 66k  
 Bad moon rising.mid          22k  
 Bad_Meets_Evil.mid           23k  
 Bangles # Eternal Fl..>      30k  
 Bangles # Walk Like ..>      76k  
 Beatles # I Saw.mid          70k  
 Beatles # Imagine.mid        22k  
 Beatles # Let It Be.mid      31k  
 Beatles # Little Hel..>      18k  
 Beatles # Ob-La-Di, ..>      54k  
 Beatles # Revolton.mid       48k  
 Beatles_-_Yesterday.mid      15k  
 Beautiful Life.mid           69k  
 Bennie Goodman # In ..>      68k  
 BestFriend.mid               51k  
 Billy Idol # Mony Mo..>      42k  
 Billy Idol # Rebel Y..>      58k  
 a_forest.mid                 21k  
 a_letter_to_elise.mid        43k  
 adia-SareMc.mid              28k  
 advice_for_the_young..>      47k  
 africa Toto.mid              53k  
 allihave2giveBSB.mid         36k  
 alliwnt2do-SherylCro..>      60k  
 allmixedup-311.mid           28k  
 allsmallthings-Blnk1..>      47k  
 allstar.mid                  24k  
 alwaysontime_jarule_..>      41k  
 amu.mid                      29k  
 angelinthesnow.mid           46k  
 anotherchance_rogers..>      55k  
 anotherchance_rogers..>      57k  
 antartic.mid                 52k  
 ants.mid                     54k  
 anya.mid                     49k  
 are_you_gonna_go_my_..>      39k  
 areugo.mid                   39k  
 aroundtheworld-DaftP..>      23k  
 arpegiateur.mid              20k  
 asap_bardot_bardotbo..>      28k  
 away.mid                     25k  
 awomansworth_aliciak..>     152k  
 back_in_the_ussr.mid         41k  
 bad.mid                      87k  
 bad2.mid                    106k  
 bad3.mid                     75k  
 badboy4life_pshitty_..>      22k  
 badintentions_drdre_..>      23k  
 bailando.mid                 37k  
 beatit.mid                   84k  
 beatit2.mid                  79k  
 becauseigothigh_afro..>      22k  
 becausenight.mid             30k  
 beerplka.mid                 26k  
 belle_of_saint_mark.mid      54k  
 bellinisambadejaneir..>      95k  
 betweenthewheels.mid         17k  
 bilyjean.mid                 55k  
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