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TD Help page > Web page maker

Ok here you can create your own web page or you could build up your rules in here as well :)
EZ Page Maker
Welcome to EZ Page Maker. I found this on the web and thought it was cool:). All you have to do is start from the top filling everything in. Once you have that done, your page will be made for you to see it. If you mess everything up or just want to start over, Click "Start Over" at the bottom. As you go down you will see buttons with a ? on them (), click them for help on the topic your at. There is a few things that you must do to save a page if you decide to keep it. Hit the VIEW then SOURCE and copy all that from there and there you got your page:)

Page Setup
Page Title
Title Color
Background Color
Text Color
Link Color
E-Mail Address

Start adding words and stuff to your page.



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