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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
HEYHEY.MID                   26k  
HEYJUDE_.MID                 28k  
HOLD THE.MID                 51k  
HUMAN.MID                    41k  
Heart # All I Wanna ..>      26k  
Heart # Alone.mid            27k  
Heart # Sylvan Song.mid      22k  
Heart # What About L..>      21k  
Heart # Wild Child.mid       34k  
Heart.mid                    47k  
Heat Of The Moment.mid       61k  
Heaven Help Us All.mid       18k  
Hello.mid                    39k  
Here Comes the rain ..>      83k  
Hide Away.mid                28k  
HigherGround.mid             58k  
Hip to be square.MID         64k  
Home.mid                     51k  
Hot Blooded.mid              16k  
Howman.mid                   16k  
Hysteria.mid                 65k  
I Just Called To Say..>      45k  
I WON'T.MID                  16k  
I love saturday.mid          43k  
I shott the sheriff.mid      63k  
INNUENDO.MID                 69k  
INTO_THE.MID                 56k  
I_Think_Im_In_Love.mid       62k  
I_Wanna_Love_You_For..>      31k  
I_Want_It_That_Way.mid       41k  
In the End.mid               17k  
In the mood.mid              68k  
Industrial Revolutio..>      47k  
Invisible touch.mid          72k  
Isn't She Lovely 1.mid       91k  
Its_All_Good.mid             71k  
JULY_1.MID                   25k  
Janie's Got A Gun.mid        27k  
Jingle Bells (3).mid         29k  
Jingle Bells.mid             17k  
Johnny B. Good.mid           49k  
Jumper.mid                   29k  
KISSROSE.MID                 25k  
Keep_Their_Heads_Rin..>      30k  
King Of Pain.mid             76k  
Kitaro1.mid                  16k  
LAYLA.MID                    61k  
LGRANGE.MID                  40k  
LIFT_UP.MID                  18k  
LUCIFSAM.MID                 24k  
LaBouche_Be_My_Lover..>      55k  
Larger_Than_Life.mid         31k  
Lauryn Hill- cant_ta..>      27k  
Lauryn Hill-doo_wop-..>      49k  
Len_StealMySunshine.mid      32k  
Let's Dance.mid              49k  
Liberation.mid              106k  
Linger.mid                   53k  
Lionel Richie # All ..>      90k  
Lionel Richie # I Ju..>      30k  
Lionol Richie # Sexu..>      55k  
Living On The Edge.mid       34k  
London Beat # I've B..>      47k  
London Kid.mid               22k  
Lost love feeling.mid        37k  
Love Bites.mid               40k  
Lucky.mid                    29k  
MAgnetic Fields 2.mid       127k  
Madonna # Bad Girl.mid       92k  
Madonna # Bedtime St..>      55k  
Madonna # Borderline..>      72k  
Madonna # Causing A ..>      59k  
Madonna # Cherish (2..>      50k  
Madonna # Crazy For ..>      29k  
Madonna # Deeper And..>      80k  
Madonna # Don't Cry ..>      51k  
Madonna # Don't Stop..>      27k  
Madonna # Dress You ..>      28k  
Madonna # Express Yo..>      96k  
Madonna # Fever.mid          32k  
Madonna # Get Into T..>      60k  
Madonna # Holiday (1..>      52k  
Madonna # Human Natu..>      41k  
Madonna # I'll Remem..>      38k  
Madonna # Into The G..>      60k  
Madonna # Keep It To..>      33k  
Madonna # La Isla Bo..>      58k  
Madonna # Like A Pra..>      56k  
Madonna # Like A Vir..>      47k  
Madonna # Live To Te..>      49k  
Madonna # Material  ..>      30k  
Madonna # Oh Father.mid      25k  
Madonna # Over And O..>      42k  
Madonna # Papa Don't..>      55k  
Madonna # Rain (2).mid       44k  
Madonna # Rescue Me.mid      67k  
Madonna # Take A Bow..>      28k  
Madonna # This Used ..>      24k  
Madonna # Vogue (1).mid      48k  
Madonna # Who's That..>      39k  
Madonna # You Must L..>      28k  
Madonna # You'll See..>      19k  
Magic Moments.mid            36k  
Magnetic Fields 1.mid        65k  
Magnetic Fields 4.mid        51k  
Mamas & Papas # Cali..>      38k  
Man in the moon.mid          22k  
Mariah Carey # I'll ..>      34k  
Mariah Carey # Make ..>      69k  
Mariah Carey # Visio..>      29k  
Mariah Carey # Witho..>      23k  
Mayonaise.mid                51k  
heal(1).mid                  50k  
heal.mid                     50k  
heal_2.mid                   63k  
heybaby_nodoubt_jorg..>      59k  
highway star.mid             60k  
hollywoo.mid                 82k  
homealone_rkelly_buz..>      24k  
how.mid                      49k  
humannature_madonna_..>      40k  
i_can_t_.mid                 86k  
i_could_never_take_t..>      37k  
i_would_die_4_u.mid          48k  
icemelts.mid                 54k  
ifUhadmyluv-JLopez.mid       67k  
iglesias-bailamos.mid        76k  
independentwoman_des..>      25k  
ineedsomebody_bardot..>      42k  
insomnia.mid                 36k  
ironic-Alanis.mid            42k  
istilldo.mid                 42k  
iswear.mid                   29k  
ivebeenlosingyou2.mid        42k  
iwannaloveUforever-J..>      31k  
iwillal.mid                  27k  
jamboree_naughtybyna..>      28k  
jennifer lopez - if ..>      67k  
jennifer lopez - wai..>      68k  
jennifer warnes - di..>      60k  
jennifer warnes - ti..>      76k  
jennifer warnes - ti..>      23k  
jennifer warnes - up..>      18k  
jimmy hendrix - 1983..>      19k  
jimmy hendrix - 3rds..>      19k  
jimmy hendrix - all ..>      99k  
jimmy hendrix - fire..>      23k  
jimmy hendrix - foxy..>      56k  
jimmy hendrix - foxy..>      43k  
jimmy hendrix - hey ..>      58k  
jimmy hendrix - litt..>      15k  
jimmy hendrix - mani..>      22k  
jimmy hendrix - purp..>      71k  
jimmy hendrix - purp..>      34k  
jimmy hendrix - the ..>      29k  
jimmy hendrix - thir..>      19k  
jimmy hendrix - vood..>      71k  
jimmy hendrix - vood..>      71k  
jojo_action.mid              69k  
just_like_heaven.mid         72k  
kiss.mid                     83k  
kissme2.mid                  51k  
knocking_at_your_bac..>      18k  
knockyourselfout_jad..>      26k  
kojiki1.mid                  20k  
kojiki6.mid                  44k  
kylie_minogue-loco.mid       28k  
laid_so_low_tears_ro..>      49k  
lay_down_stay_down.mid       61k  
lazy.mid                     71k  
leann_rimes-_how_do_..>      46k  
let_it_go.mid                58k  
lets_go_to_bed.mid           28k  
lgirl.mid                    48k  
lifetime_maxwell_ml2..>      20k  
limelight.mid                15k  
livingdaylights.mid          50k  
livinitup_jarule_buz..>      18k  
lk-going.mid                 21k  
loosencontrol_snoopd..>      25k  
losingmyreligion.mid         41k  
love_her_madly.mid           41k  
lovefool3.mid                16k  
loveisreason.mid             50k  
lullaby.mid                  81k  
macarena.mid                 91k  
macarena3.mid                87k  
maggie.mid                   38k  
makuswet.mid                 44k  
manhattan_project.mid        39k  
manhattanskyline.mid         36k  
maninmir.mid                 61k  
mariamaria-Santana.mid       30k  
mary jane's last dan..>      21k  
maybeideserve_tank_b..>      20k  
maybemaybe.mid               48k
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