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TD Help page > HTML help (return / <br>)

Newsflash! Test your rules out here: Test your rules

Ok where do we start. I will first have to admit that I have "cheated" on making this page and used help from MS FrontPage 2000. Most of the site is created with the help of that program, as it simply is VERY easy to use. So to the WEB guru's sorry couldn't help it :)

Now let's get started with some tricks here. Let me start out with showing you one of my own rule pages I use for GameDesire Gin at the moment. Take a look here: NIKE1's GD Gin rules This was all created by the help of FrontPage and then copied the HTML code into the rules box.

Lets try to show that one as it would look with no HTML coding at all: Rules with no HTML Ok that looks like hmm, you remember that you for sure hit enter after each of you lines, but it didn't show that!! What is going wrong here ???

Enter key isn't going to help you out on the rules page, so you need a little help from the HTML codes. Instead of enter you will have to use this one here <br> That will indicate the same as hitting the enter key. Let me show you what it does to Rules: Rules with <br> as you see it means a lot with just that single tag added to the rules page. So instead of hitting enter each time type this: <br>

Before we move on with the next one, a little tip is to type all of your
rules into notepad or a similar program. Simply because that rules box is like very small
and it is not easy to keep track of all those codes in that little area.

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