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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
REM # What's The Fre..>      45k  
REM_-_Shiny_Happy_Pe..>      24k  
ROKNROLL.MID                 41k  
ROSANA.MID                   54k  
Rendez Vouz.mid              60k  
Revolution.mid               54k  
Ribbon In The Sky.mid        24k  
Right Said Fred # I'..>      44k  
Role_Model.mid               19k  
Roll over Beethoven.mid      42k  
Rolling Stones # Ang..>      30k  
Rolling Stones # As ..>      20k  
Rolling Stones # Bro..>      83k  
Rolling Stones # Can..>      31k  
Rolling Stones # Foo..>      44k  
Rolling Stones # Get..>      30k  
Rolling Stones # Jum..>      83k  
Rolling Stones # Mis..>      66k  
Rolling Stones # Pai..>      71k  
Rolling Stones # Rub..>      28k  
Rolling Stones # Sat..>      51k  
Rolling Stones # She..>      33k  
Rolling Stones # Sta..>     122k  
Rolling Stones # You..>      82k  
Roxette # Crash! Boo..>      64k  
Roxette # Do You Wan..>      22k  
Roxette # Fading Lik..>      32k  
Roxette # Harley's &..>      26k  
Roxette # Here Comes..>      29k  
Roxette # How Do You..>      28k  
Roxette # I'm Sorry.mid      39k  
Roxette # It Must Ha..>      44k  
Roxette # Joyride.mid        28k  
Roxette # Listen To ..>      31k  
Roxette # Love Is Al..>      15k  
Roxette # Paint.mid          22k  
Roxette # Queen Of R..>      61k  
Roxette # Run To You..>      29k  
Roxette # Sleeping I..>      46k  
Roxette # Spending M..>      20k  
Roxette # The Big L.mid      37k  
Roxette # The Look (..>      43k  
Runaway Train.mid            46k  
Rush Rush.mid                26k  
SAD_SNGS.MID                 66k  
SAWYER.MID                   41k  
SHOUT.MID                    90k  
SHOWMUST.MID                 41k  
SNAP # Rhythm Is A D..>      43k  
SOMEWHER.MID                 39k  
SOS.mid                      45k  
SPIDER.MID                   31k  
STARWAR2.MID                 22k  
STOP.mid                     50k  
STUCK WITH YOU.MID           50k  
Sadness.mid                  27k  
Scatman John # Scatm..>      51k  
Scooter # Back In Th..>      64k  
Seal # Crazy (2).mid        100k  
Seal # Killer.mid            36k  
Seal # Kiss From A R..>      31k  
Semisonic_ClosingTim..>      52k  
She Fades away.mid           17k  
She_Bop.mid                  22k  
Sheryl Crow # All I ..>      70k  
Shiny Happy People.mid       31k  
Shout(TearsForFears)..>     125k  
Show_Me_The_Meaning.mid      30k  
Simple Minds # Don't..>      65k  
Simply Red # Holding..>      42k  
Simply Red # If You ..>      31k  
Simply Red # Money's..>      37k  
Simply Red # Somethi..>      38k  
Simply Red # Stars (..>      41k  
Sir Duke.mid                 68k  
Siren Song.mid               56k  
Sirius.mid                   21k  
Smashing Pumpkins # ..>      30k  
Smashing Pumpkins # ..>      24k  
Smashing Pumpkins # ..>      29k  
Smashing Pumpkins # ..>      30k  
So Hard.mid                  51k  
So It Is Christmas.mid       22k  
So The Story Goes.mid        39k  
Soda_Pop.mid                 37k  
Someday.mid                  46k  
Sometimes.mid                38k  
Souvenir of China #.mid      17k  
Spice Girls # 2 Beco..>      35k  
Spice Girls # Mama.mid       84k  
Spice Girls # Say Yo..>      38k  
Spice Girls # Wannab..>      34k  
Spice Girls # Who Do..>      45k  
Sting # Englishman I..>      53k  
Sting # Fields Of Go..>      20k  
Sting # If I Ever Lo..>      60k  
Sting # Walking On T..>      45k  
Straight up!.mid             26k  
Strange Currencies.mid       23k  
Strong_Enuf.mid              25k  
Stronger.mid                 27k  
Subculture.mid               49k  
Superstition.mid             71k  
Sweet Dreams Are Mad..>      39k  
renegade_jayzeminem_..>      34k  
resurection_ppk_nico..>      32k  
revolvingdoor_crazyt..>      16k  
riders_on_the_storm.mid      25k  
ridicolo.mid                125k  
roadhouse_blues.mid          60k  
rockwyou.mid                 36k  
rodsandcones_blueman..>     125k  
rollTheBones.mid             35k  
rollout_ludacris_kba..>      32k  
romeoandjuliet_silke..>      22k  
rumba.mid                    17k  
sail_on.mid                  45k  
sailing.mid                  21k  
salvation.mid                43k  
salvaton.mid                 65k  
santamonica.mid              40k  
savetonight.mid             151k  
say_you_say_me.mid           35k  
scoundreldays.mid            73k  
self_esteem.mid              49k  
shalalala_vengaboys_..>      35k  
she_drives_me_crazy.mid      30k  
shotjl.mid                  105k  
showmelove.mid               15k  
sign_o_the_times.mid         57k  
smells_like_teen_spi..>      58k  
smoke_on_the_water.mid      112k  
smooth.mid                   59k  
socold.mid                   86k  
somebody_stole_my_gu..>      47k  
southernhospitality_..>      50k  
spanishsteps.mid             38k  
spiradio.mid                 58k  
star.mid                     70k  
stayontheseroads.mid         57k  
stick_~1.mid                 27k  
still_ca.mid                 70k  
still_lr.mid                 22k  
stillrem.mid                 91k  
strngrnm.mid                 34k  
stuck_on_you.mid             34k  
subdivisions.mid             49k  
suffer_the_children.mid      19k  
sugar_ray_-_every_mo..>      47k  
sunday.mid                   39k  
sweetemotion.mid             48k  
sweetest_love.mid            42k  
sweetlady_tyrese_buz..>      18k  
swingofthings.mid            47k
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