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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
FRNDWILL.MID                 45k  
FatboySlim_PraiseYou..>      76k  
Fingers and Thumbs.mid       75k  
Fly.mid                      37k  
Forever young.mid            27k  
Forgot_About_Dre.mid         36k  
Fragile.mid                  45k  
GEORGY P.MID                 48k  
GERMANY.MID                  38k  
GIVEME~2.MID                 62k  
GPARDSE.MID                  22k  
GREATGIG.MID                 19k  
Genesis # I Can't Da..>      36k  
Genesis # Mama.mid           42k  
Genesis # No Son Of ..>      66k  
Genesis # Paradise.mid       36k  
Genie.mid                    30k  
George Michael # Fas..>      61k  
George Michael # Fre..>      65k  
George Michael # Jes..>      46k  
Gina G # Ohh Ahh .....>      62k  
Girls_Just_Wanna_Hav..>      77k  
Go West.mid                  86k  
Golden Lady.mid              62k  
Goonies_'R_Good_Enou..>      35k  
Great Balls Of Fire.mid      58k  
Green Day # 2000 Lig..>      31k  
Green Day # Coming C..>      19k  
Green Day # Greek St..>      42k  
Green Day # Pulling ..>      22k  
Green Day # When I C..>      24k  
Guilty_Conscience.mid        26k  
Guns 'N Roses # 14 Y..>      16k  
Guns 'N Roses # Back..>      26k  
Guns 'N Roses # Brea..>      88k  
Guns 'N Roses # Civi..>      47k  
Guns 'N Roses # Coma..>      62k  
Guns 'N Roses # Coma..>      67k  
Guns 'N Roses # Don'..>      32k  
Guns 'N Roses # Don'..>      23k  
Guns 'N Roses # Doub..>      45k  
Guns 'N Roses # Dust..>      40k  
Guns 'N Roses # Estr..>      21k  
Guns 'N Roses # Get ..>      96k  
Guns 'N Roses # It's..>      18k  
Guns 'N Roses # Jump..>      30k  
Guns 'N Roses # Knoc..>      61k  
Guns 'N Roses # Live..>      54k  
Guns 'N Roses # Loco..>     130k  
Guns 'N Roses # Nigh..>      24k  
Guns 'N Roses # Nove..>      43k  
Guns 'N Roses # Out ..>      40k  
Guns 'N Roses # Para..>      78k  
Guns 'N Roses # Pati..>      17k  
Guns 'N Roses # Rock..>      22k  
Guns 'N Roses # Sinc..>      70k  
Guns 'N Roses # Swee..>      35k  
Guns 'N Roses # Welc..>      28k  
Guns 'N Roses # Yest..>      28k  
Guns 'N Roses # You ..>      38k  
Guns 'N Roses # You ..>      32k  
Gypsy Woman.mid             133k  
HEADHEEL.MID                 33k  
Haddaway # Life.mid          73k  
Haddaway # What Is L..>      61k  
Haddaway # What_is_l..>      71k  
Haddaway- what_is_lo..>      48k  
Hanson # Thinking Of..>      62k  
Hanson # Where's The..>      88k  
Hansos # Mmm Bob.mid         72k  
Happy Nation.mid             39k  
Have_I_Told_You_Late..>      27k  
fascination_street.mid       40k  
feelsogood_mace_buzz..>      19k  
finalcntdwn-Europe.mid       37k  
fireball.mid                 35k  
firewaterburn.mid            56k  
fleetwood_mac_-_don'..>      42k  
fleetwood_mac_-_drea..>      52k  
fleetwood_mac_-_ever..>      23k  
fleetwood_mac_-_go_y..>      56k  
fleetwood_mac_-_gold..>      32k  
fleetwood_mac_-_gyps..>      50k  
fleetwood_mac_-_hold..>      33k  
fleetwood_mac_-_land..>      16k  
fleetwood_mac_-_litt..>      31k  
fleetwood_mac_-_rhia..>      54k  
fleetwood_mac_-_sara..>      26k  
fleetwood_mac_-_say_..>      49k  
fleetwood_mac_-_sent..>      32k  
fleetwood_mac_-_silv..>      91k  
fleetwood_mac_-_the_..>      42k  
fleetwood_mac_-_tusk..>      24k  
foreigner - cold_as_..>      23k  
foreigner - double v..>      17k  
foreigner - feels_li..>      39k  
foreigner - hot bloo..>      16k  
foreigner - hot_bloo..>      35k  
foreigner - i_want_t..>      32k  
foreigner - that_was..>      29k  
foreigner - urgent.mid       41k  
foreigner - waiting ..>      32k  
foreigner - waiting_..>      25k  
forever_young rod st..>      26k  
free_to_.mid                 84k  
friday_im_in_love_2.mid      18k  
frozen-Madonna.mid           31k  
fugees - fugeela.mid         36k  
fugees - ready or no..>      17k  
genocide.mid                 46k  
george harrison - al..>      17k  
george harrison - al..>      42k  
george harrison - al..>      34k  
george harrison - ba..>      19k  
george harrison - bl..>      26k  
george harrison - cr..>      56k  
george harrison - gi..>      45k  
george harrison - go..>      52k  
george harrison - he..>      49k  
george harrison - is..>      15k  
george harrison - my..>      80k  
george harrison - my..>      53k  
george harrison - no..>      16k  
george harrison - wh..>      53k  
george harrison - wh..>      30k  
geronimo.mid                 57k  
getyofreakon_missyel..>      17k  
girl.mid                     26k  
gloria stefan - 1-2-..>      39k  
gloria stefan - 1_2_..>      48k  
gloria stefan - abri..>      61k  
gloria stefan - anos..>      34k  
gloria stefan - ayer..>      68k  
gloria stefan - ayer..>      63k  
gloria stefan - ayer..>      61k  
gloria stefan - boy_..>      17k  
gloria stefan - cant..>      19k  
gloria stefan - cong..>     143k  
gloria stefan - cong..>      20k  
gloria stefan - cong..>      15k  
gloria stefan - cong..>      70k  
gloria stefan - ever..>      73k  
gloria stefan - ever..>      76k  
gloria stefan - get_..>     106k  
gloria stefan - glor..>      48k  
gloria stefan - go a..>      51k  
gloria stefan - here..>      34k  
gloria stefan - here..>      45k  
gloria stefan - losa..>      42k  
gloria stefan - masa..>      53k  
gloria stefan - miti..>      77k  
gloria stefan - miti..>      64k  
gloria stefan - miti..>      89k  
gloria stefan - mont..>      57k  
gloria stefan - onyo..>      86k  
gloria stefan - oye_..>      84k  
gloria stefan - oyem..>      68k  
gloria stefan - oyem..>     134k  
gloria stefan - perd..>      21k  
gloria stefan - reac..>      27k  
gloria stefan - reac..>      34k  
gloria stefan - step..>      33k  
gloria stefan - turn..>      81k  
gloria stefan - turn..>      26k  
gloria stefan - word..>      26k  
gloria stefan - word..>      18k  
gold.mid                     86k  
handsoftime-RKelly.mid       38k  
head_over_heels.mid          33k
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