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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
BROWN_EY.MID                 32k  
Bizzarre Love Triang..>      98k  
Blackmgcwmn_oyecomov..>      99k  
Blowing Kisses In Th..>      46k  
Blue Monday.mid              51k  
Blue Savannah.mid            32k  
Blue-Eiffel65.mid            46k  
Bluemonday--NewOrder..>      67k  
Boogie On Reggae Wom..>      57k  
Born to be wild # Ka..>      24k  
Born_To_Make_You_Hap..>      49k  
Brain_Damage.mid             17k  
Braindm.mid                  25k  
Brainstew.mid                23k  
Breath of life.mid           50k  
Brother_Louie.mid            36k  
Bullet With Butterfl..>      38k  
Bush_Glycerine.mid           39k  
Bwithyou-Inglesias.mid       50k  
C&C Music Factory # ..>      59k  
CHAMPION.MID                 16k  
CHINA RO.MID                 15k  
CLEMTINE.MID                 26k  
COCAIN.MID                   83k  
CRAZY.MID                   102k  
CRAZYLIT.MID                 78k  
CRUEL.MID                    47k  
CUMT&PLA.MID                 25k  
CURSUM P.MID                 26k  
Calypso 1.mid                87k  
Calypso 2.mid                38k  
Can't Stand Losing Y..>      40k  
Can't buy me love.mid        31k  
Caribbean blue.mid           34k  
Celine Dion # Fallin..>      60k  
Celine Dion # Move A..>      71k  
Celine Dion # Think ..>      22k  
Chains of Love.mid           38k  
Chariots of Fire .mid        45k  
Cheri_Cheri_Lady.mid         43k  
Chicken Dance.mid            15k  
Chorus.mid                   83k  
Christie Road.mid            31k  
Chuck Berrie # Johny..>      40k  
Come_On_Over.mid             53k  
Computer World.mid           87k  
Conquest Paradise.mid        50k  
Corona # Rythm Of Th..>      62k  
Crocodile Rock.mid           57k  
Culture Beat # Mr.Va..>     112k  
Cyndi Lauper # Girls..>      72k  
DANCEMIX.MID                 63k  
DCANLOOP.MID                 41k  
DDABUTT.MID                  31k  
DJJAZZ~1.MID                 76k  
DUELING.MID                  19k  
Dance on the ceiling..>      62k  
Das_Model.mid                22k  
Dire Straits # Broth..>      24k  
Dire Straits # Calli..>      56k  
Dire Straits # Expre..>     102k  
Dire Straits # Money..>      80k  
Dire Straits # On Ev..>      29k  
Dire Straits # Priva..>      47k  
Dire Straits # Romeo..>      91k  
Dire Straits # Sulta..>     124k  
Dire Straits # Sulta..>      61k  
Dire Straits # Walk ..>      49k  
Dire Straits # Why W..>      24k  
Do_You_Wanna.mid             39k  
Don't Cry.mid                60k  
Don't Stand So Close..>      40k  
Don't Stop Til You G..>      68k  
Don't You Cry No Mor..>      32k  
Don't answer me.mid          87k  
Dont you want me.mid         51k  
Doors # Light My Fir..>     112k  
Double Vision.mid            17k  
Dr Alban # It's My L..>      51k  
Dre_Day.mid                  59k  
EASYLOVE.MID                 66k  
EVILWAYS.MID                 20k  
Easy.mid                     28k  
Ebony And Ivory.mid          72k  
Echoes.mid                  207k  
Eldorado.mid                 47k  
Elton John # Candle ..>      21k  
Elton John # Don't L..>      37k  
Elton John # Nikita ..>      60k  
Email_My_Heart.mid           23k  
Endless_Love_1.mid           45k  
Equinoxe 4 1.mid             82k  
Equinoxe 5.mid               64k  
Equinoxe 7.mid               61k  
Erasure.mid                  53k  
EveryLittleThingSheD..>      64k  
Everybody.mid                24k  
Everything But The G..>      51k  
FAIRYTAL.MID                 19k  
bilyjean2.mid                16k  
bjean.mid                    62k  
black magic woman.53..>      55k  
black_night.mid              42k  
blckwht.mid                  39k  
bluesky.mid                  35k  
bohemian_rhapsody.mid        44k  
break_it_down_again.mid      95k  
break_on_through.mid         32k  
breakyoneck_bustarhy..>      31k  
brick_house.mid              25k  
brickhou.mid                 25k  
bring_on_the_night.mid       78k  
bull.mid                     21k  
burn.mid                     56k  
bw_2.mid                     60k  
camera~1.mid                 23k  
cantdanc.mid                 22k  
cantgetyououtofmyhea..>      77k  
cantgetyououtofmyhea..>      30k  
cantstop.mid                 44k  
cascades_im_not_your..>      49k  
caseoftheex_mya_buzz..>      31k  
changedagame_jayz_bu..>      21k  
cher - gypsies, tram..>      52k  
cher - if i could tu..>      39k  
cher - shoop shoop s..>      20k  
child_in_time_2.mid         107k  
christina_aguilera_-..>      30k  
christina_aguilera_-..>      21k  
chronologie Part 2.mid       52k  
chronologie Part 4.mid       79k  
chronologie Part 5.mid       20k  
chronologie Part 6.mid       27k  
chung_kuo.mid                20k  
close_to_me.mid              50k  
closer_to_the_heart.mid      52k  
comeplay.mid                 61k  
conplypw.mid                 36k  
cordell.mid                  41k  
crazy-Aerosmith.mid          36k  
crazy-Seal.mid               79k  
creep.mid                    20k  
criminal.mid                 48k  
crush.mid                    49k  
culture club - churc..>      36k  
culture club - do yo..>      37k  
culture club - karma..>      48k  
daffodil.mid                 55k  
darkisthenightforall..>      48k  
deepershadeofblue-St..>      42k  
demons_eye.mid               49k  
differences_ginuwine..>      39k  
disappoi.mid                 39k  
disearwn.mid                 21k  
distance.mid                 17k  
distantEarlyWarning.mid      23k  
do_me_baby.mid               40k  
dolphin.mid                  37k  
dontmesswiththeradio..>      30k  
dontspeak.mid                59k  
dream-.mid                   63k  
dreaming.mid                 28k  
dreaml~1.mid                 20k  
dreams.mid                   63k  
dst.mid                      87k  
dttrain.mid                  30k  
ebony&iv.mid                 64k  
ei_nelly_buzz.mid            18k  
elcondorpasa.mid             20k  
emotions_destinyschi..>      16k  
empty.mid                    31k  
enemy-in.mid                 25k  
enola_gay.mid                21k  
entrnous.mid                 21k  
erase_rewind.mid             38k  
everybod.mid                 59k  
everybody_wants_to_r..>      36k  
everythingbutthegirl..>      61k  
fallin_aliciakeys_jo..>      22k  
familyaffair_maryjbl..>      43k  
familyaffair_maryjbl..>      24k  
farewel2.mid                 25k
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