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If you need a cool player to test out the songs with, then you can try this one from gunsoft:. Download here
OKTOBER.MID                  38k  
OLDMAN~1.MID                 15k  
OMC # How Bizzare.mid        35k  
ON MY WAY HOME.MID           37k  
ONEVISON.MID                 65k  
OYECOMO.MID                  42k  
Oasis # Champagne Su..>      56k  
Oasis # Don't Look B..>      56k  
Oasis # Roll With It..>      60k  
Oasis # Wonderwall.mid       55k  
Oh Lamour.mid                53k  
On the road again.mid        47k  
One In A Million.mid         34k  
One.mid                      72k  
Only Of You.mid              22k  
Only Time Will Tell.mid      78k  
Opposites Attract.mid        63k  
Orient Express.mid           33k  
Orinoco flow.mid             28k  
Overjoy.mid                  32k  
Oxygene.mid                  15k  
PALETTE.MID                  27k  
PAMELA.MID                   55k  
PENNYLAN.MID                 23k  
POLKA.MID                    20k  
POWER OF LOVE 1.MID          61k  
PSB_Go_West.mid              61k  
Party_Up.mid                 41k  
Pet Shop Boys # It's..>      44k  
Phantom Bride.mid            47k  
Phil Collins # Again..>      24k  
Phil Collins # Anoth..>      46k  
Phil Collins # Do Yo..>      53k  
Phil Collins # Don't..>      62k  
Phil Collins # Easy ..>      68k  
Phil Collins # Every..>      57k  
Phil Collins # In Th..>      42k  
Phil Collins # Insid..>      48k  
Phil Collins # Kayle..>      27k  
Phil Collins # One M..>      48k  
Phil Collins # Sussu..>      66k  
Phil Collins # The W..>      66k  
Photograph.mid               38k  
Pink Floyd # Another..>      59k  
Pink Floyd # Comfort..>      32k  
Pink Floyd # Hey You..>      80k  
Pink Floyd # Hey You..>      42k  
Pink Floyd # High Ho..>      91k  
Pink Floyd # Keep Ta..>      71k  
Pink Floyd # Money.mid      106k  
Pink Floyd # Shine O..>      72k  
Pink Floyd # The Grg..>      28k  
Pink Floyd # The Tri..>      35k  
Pink Floyd # The Wal..>      29k  
Pink Floyd # Time.mid        18k  
Pink Floyd # Vera.mid        20k  
Pink Floyd # Wish Yo..>      22k  
Police # De Do Do Do..>      62k  
Police # Every Breat..>      49k  
Police # Roxanne.mid         71k  
Police # So Lonely.mid       73k  
Power Of Love.mid            39k  
Prince # 1999.mid            49k  
Prince # Batdance.mid        50k  
Prince # Cream.mid           54k  
Prince # Diamonds & ..>      32k  
Prince # I Feel For ..>     109k  
Prince # Kiss.mid            71k  
Prince # Lets Go Cra..>      81k  
Prince # Little Red ..>      45k  
Prince # Nothing Com..>      30k  
Prince # Purple Rain..>      61k  
Prince # Raspberry B..>      42k  
Prince # The Most Be..>      51k  
Prince # When Doves ..>      30k  
Prince # You Got The..>      34k  
Quit_Playing_Games_W..>      27k  
RADIOGAG.MID                 64k  
REBOP6.MID                   19k  
REM # Losing My Reli..>      41k  
REM # Losing My Reli..>      47k  
Real 2 Real # I Like..>      46k  
Real McCoy # Another..>      63k  
Real McCoy # Runaway..>      37k  
oasis - all around t..>     104k  
oasis - anger.mid            49k  
oasis - cast no shad..>      34k  
oasis - champagne su..>     110k  
oasis - champagne su..>      56k  
oasis - don't look b..>      56k  
oasis - don't look b..>      27k  
oasis - don't look b..>      45k  
oasis - live forever..>      71k  
oasis - live forever..>      71k  
oasis - morning glor..>      19k  
oasis - roll with it..>      58k  
oasis - roll with it..>      60k  
oasis - shaker maker..>      32k  
oasis - she's electr..>      79k  
oasis - stand by me.mid     100k  
oasis - supersonic.mid       71k  
oasis - talk tonight..>      20k  
oasis - the master p..>      74k  
oasis - what mean.mid       111k  
oasis - whatever.mid         89k  
oasis - wonderwall 1..>      55k  
oasis - wonderwall 2..>      46k  
ode2fam.mid                  25k  
ode_to_family.mid            34k  
oh_carol.mid                 20k  
oneluv.mid                   48k  
oops_ohmy_tweet_buzz..>      18k  
otherside-RedHotChil..>      49k  
oxygene4.mid                 52k  
oxygene6.mid                 27k  
oxygene8.mid                 47k  
parttime.mid                 66k  
pathetic.mid                158k  
peachesandcream_112p..>      15k  
peachesandcream_112r..>      15k  
people_are_strange.mid       15k  
piciview.mid                 38k  
played-a-live_safri-..>      55k  
pretty.mid                   17k  
promise_jaggededge_m..>      23k  
pulstar.mid                  56k  
pumpupthejamTechnotr..>      67k  
putmedwn.mid                 42k  
rain_tea.mid                 22k  
reach-SClub7.mid             42k  
red_barchetta.mid            18k  
redsec-a.mid                 53k  
relax.mid                    32k
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